Thursday, January 6, 2011

some favorites

I posted favorite memories of 2010 last week, but today’s You Capture theme is favorite 10 photos from 2010.  So I spent some time going through thousands of photos to figure out what to share today.

I thought of this one of my nephew right away.  The focus fell on Sawyer’s crocs, but I love that blurry look of total elation on his face. 
The light was just right when Mason caught this little fish.
B and K added a puppy to their family, Charlie.  I guess four kids didn’t provide enough chaos!  He’s a sweet dog and he’s much, much bigger now.
I just happened to capture a kiss between brother and sister.  Brinkley’s lucky to have three big brothers.
I love my beautiful green mixer, and I even used it a few times this year!
The year’s most brilliant idea - I bought a tray of petit fours for my birthday.  They were fun to photograph and really fun to eat.  Good thing the boys helped me because I definitely would have eaten them all.  I think it’s going to be a new tradition.
Just a typical backyard moment -  Maisy, waiting for Mason to throw the ball.  I miss green grass.
My niece, Josie, is beautiful inside and out and I love taking pictures of her.
Brinkley is a very happy little girl when her Aunt Becky paints her toenails.
When I posted photos from our family shoot that I did for our Christmas card, I somehow managed to leave out my most favorite shot of the boys together so here it is – a definite favorite of 2010.
I love candid photography so I know I’ll be doing lots of that in 2011, but I’m inspired by Karli’s amazing photos at the bonnie 5 to take more pics of stuff this year!

Click below to see other favorite photos from 2010.


  1. Gorgeous photos! It seems like you had a green theme going on through most of them. ;)

  2. Great photos!! Love your mixer. The first photo is so much fun!

  3. I love the mixer shot... beautiful photos of everyday things really inspire me, and that puppy shot is really great too:-)

  4. These pictures are so happy and colorful - I love that.

  5. I love the color of your mixer, and that fish shot is really beautiful! Great lighting!

  6. That kiss is precious...and I so LOVE that green mixer!

  7. Dang! These are all amazing. I can't possibly pick a favorite..... well done. I can't wait to see more out of you next year :D

  8. These are great, the colors are amazing. Love the fish and the green mixer. I have a boring old white one.

  9. These are great. Oh the kiss one is so sweet! and i LOVE your kitchen aid - I haven't seen that color before!

  10. oh my gosh i love these! the first one and the stand mixer color are so vivid!

  11. Love your photos! This is my first time stopping by. Noticed you stopped by and commented on my bird pictures. Just wanted to say "thanks" and nice to meet someone else in blogland!

  12. Nice. That shot of your niece is great. The colors are so intense. I like the fish, too. And Charlie!

  13. These were GREAT Debra. I just love the one of the kiss, and your sons. Such handsome guys!

    Your work gets better and better.

  14. Those are all incredible! Seeing pictures of your boys makes me want to cry because I know I will blink my eyes and my boys will be that big before I know it! BWaaaaaa...sniff! My mama heart can't take it today since my "baby" sang in his first little school Christmas performance. Belated yes. You have such handsome fellas and sweet little princess!

  15. Your colors are spectacular! Love this post!

  16. Beautiful pictures, truly beautiful.

    And I miss green grass, too. Come on Spring.

    Marla @

  17. my favorite has to be the toenail painting one! My little girls LOVE that too, and I'm such a slacker Mom that I don't do that very often. But their Aunt? EVERY. TIME. they see her. :)

  18. Wow! These are all wonderful, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE That little fish picture! Great JOB!

  19. Love your photo's........Gorgeous!
    I'm a new follower.
    Amy's Life @