Monday, July 2, 2012

project life: week 23

This is the week we left for our big vacation to Utah! Which means two out of the seven days were spent in the car. It takes quite a long time to drive from Louisiana to Utah... maybe we should look into flying next time. But then we wouldn't get to enjoy each other's company for hours and hours and we wouldn't get to watch the landscape change right before our eyes from green trees to red rocks. It really was fascinating.

left side:

right side:

I took screenshots of our route on the way there.

We finally made it to Bryce Canyon on the last day of the week...

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  1. What a fun idea to put a screen shot of the map! Happy 4th!!

  2. Love the map! We live in Colorado, so our drive can't compete with yours, but we're heading out to Utah on Friday to do a big loop through Utah, New Mexico, and back to Denver. The landscape there is amazing, isn't it? We are originally from Arkansas and do a long road trip from Denver to Arkansas twice a year, so I understand those long drives!

  3. We are leaving today on our little mini vacation - I love the idea of taking a picture of the map on your phone. Will have to borrow that for our trip!

  4. adore the way you lined up the journaling cards in a row...makes me smile!

  5. great pages Deb - as always, hpoe you had a wonderful holiday

  6. Love your week! The colors are fab!

  7. Wonderful double page Deb!
    I also love the way you included the map ;-))

    Have a great w-e!