Tuesday, September 25, 2012

template for project life planning

A while back I shared some random project life tips that included a template I use for planning my pages. It helps to know what size to print each photo. Well, I found that I was using the back of the template to first make a list of all the possible photos I might use and then I'd be flipping back and forth as I filled up the squares with notes.

So I made a new template that includes a section at the bottom for listing photos that I took for the week. I divided it into three sections because I separate my list by dslr, instagram and iphone. Sometimes I decide to use an iphone photo that wasn't shared on instagram, but would benefit from a filter so I run it through as I'm planning or sometimes I just crop the iphone pic and print it as a 4 x 6. (The iphone creates photos whose ratio is 6 x 4.5 so a little cropping is required if you want to print them to fill up the 4 x 6 slots in your album.)

You can download the template here if you think it would be helpful in your planning.

Here's an example of one filled out. In this case I was getting ready to put together two weeks, but I didn't really have a ton of photos for either week so I decided to combine the two weeks into one layout in my album. I'd rather have less photos that mean more to me so when I feel like I'm including photos just as filler that I really don't care about I combine the weeks.

So these two pages ended up being the layout for weeks 31 and 32 that I shared here.

Hope this helps your Project Life planning go a little smoother!

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  1. You're so organized! Love these and used them when I first got started on PL. Now I just remember what I am going to use haha!
    Hope your b-day was great!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this. Printing pictures has been my hold up with PL but now with your template and a little planning I can start a PL album. Again, Thank you

  3. Love to see this! I'm all for making PL as easy as possible:)

  4. thanks! these'll definitely come in handy!

  5. This is great, Deb! This year's PL is mostly easy as I'm using it for my Project 365, but I plan to use PL to catch up on some prior year's scrapbooking. I will definitely use this to help me plan. Thank you!

  6. this is just amazing... the fact that you're so organized!! heeehee!! I'm gonna try and follow your lead now.. I've been working on my PL for the past two days! :) Thank you Deb!!

  7. Hey Deb, just want to THANK YOU for your tips, I will try to play with the photos as well as the template on blogger and let you know how it goes, once again, thanks for being so helpful and answered my doubt!
    And another wonderful template here you shared, you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am currently trying to catch up with several months so this will be an amazing help.

  9. Thank you so much! I always sketch out a sloppy template each Sunday to plan my pages - this is perfect. Love your PL layouts - super inspiring!

  10. have you been using the clementine edition for your project life? i love the colors and i was wondering if it was the clementine edition or some other edition.

    1. Yes, I am using the Clementine edition. Every now and then (like only a very few times) I've printed a downloadable card, but almost the entire album comes from the Clementine kit. I have really loved the colors! It's been a lot of fun to work with.

  11. Love the templates and the tips. Thanks Deb.