Monday, October 29, 2012

a few scrapbook layouts

Here's what I've been up to... more scrapbooking. :) These were made with my Studio Calico Roller Rink kit.

Even though I love LSU, I've never been a big fan of purple so I used a lot of yellow and grey with only a hint of purple to document going to a football game.

This is from a while back when I took the boys to see Oak Alley for our Labor Day holiday. Alec was in first grade and what I remember most is that when he went back to school the next day, the teacher asked him to draw a picture of what he did on his day off from school. He drew himself watching TV... so much for going on an road trip to see a historical site.

And this last one is from two years ago when Mason celebrated his 13th birthday. I love the oranges and reds and greens together!

Some of the products used are linked up below:

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  1. These are great! The LSU one is great. The mums in the yard of my building are gold and purple and I keep thinking of LSU!

    1. Well, I do like purple flowers. That's one exception to my dislike for purple!

  2. beautiful work, Deb!! I love your use of colors! always amazing!

  3. Wow. 3 fantastic layouts! The colors are fabulous. Really like your little bits of stamping here and there.

  4. Your layouts are always fabulous. Love the first one especially - good choice to not use a lot of purple! (Hate purple!)

  5. Love your layouts, and enjoy seeing what you do with the Studio Calico kits!

  6. Great layouts! Really enjoyed them :)

  7. Awesome! Love the colors and the layouts. Great job :)

  8. I just love these layouts!! They are so bright and cheary!!!