Monday, October 15, 2012

project life: week 37

Today I'm sharing week 37. This was the week I went to Scrapfest so there are a few pictures from that event and a few everyday kind of moments too. I used  some of the journaling cards I made with the new Project Life plain cards that now come in colors and white. They are so fun! I will be making more soon.

Here are a few of them.

And here's week 37.

left side:

right side:


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  1. Now that is a lot of scrappers! Love the picture of Maisy walking Mason!

  2. I really like your journaling cards and always enjoy your weekly PLs.


  3. I love all of the journal cards you made, do adorable!

  4. Fun cards ! Those cinnamon rolls look yummy and I can't believe that photo of scrapfest Wow. Love your PL pages Deb.

  5. Love it. Great colors. Awesome job keeping up on PL too!

  6. i love those journaling cards!!
    i am going to have to pick up some of those stamps! they are awesome!

    1. Thank you Sammy! The stamps are so much fun- my favorite part of scrapbooking!

  7. Great pages. Look at that Scrapfest! WOW- hope it was fun. Cute picture or your son walking the dog. I need to get one like that of mine. Love the clouds too--such pretty colors.

  8. These are such fabulous pages! I love how you included the 10 of hearts card. Such a cool idea!

  9. Yay, for Scrapfest! I got my week done too. This is gorgeous! Love the colors, the photography, and the stamping! Oh and the new cards. You would be proud of me, I did more stamping on my last two weeks!

  10. Scrapfest sounds like a blast. I love the journal cards you made. Those are fantastic!