Tuesday, October 2, 2012

project life: weeks 34 and 35

Hello everyone! Lately I've been combining two weeks into one layout more frequently. Hitting just the highlights is nice for a change, especially when there isn't a lot going on. Although it does seem like there was a lot going on here... three birthdays and the arrival of Isaac!

left side:

right side:

a few details:

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  1. These are great, as always, Deb! You always inspire me to get busy on my PL book! Hoping tomorrow I'll have a little down time and will be able to get a spread or two completed!

  2. Love this spread for both weeks... I nearly love the light and real smiles you seem to get of the boys out to dinner even when they are posed. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. These are so bright and fun! I love the journal cards you used!

  4. I love seeing your beautiful layouts and the little peeks into what's going on right now!

  5. I am just starting PL and would love these! thanks for sharing your ideas!