Saturday, January 19, 2013

new studio calico class: bright ideas

Hi guys! Just wanted to make sure you know about the February class at Studio Calico, Bright Ideas, taught by Nicole Samuels!

 To give you an idea of what this class is about, here's the full class description...
In a creative slump? Find your way out with these BRIGHT IDEAS! Nicole Samuels will be guiding you through 20 creative challenges designed to make you look at paper and glue in a whole new light. We've brought together an awesome group of contributors - Adrienne Alvis, Amy Tan, Gillian Nelson, Jen Jockisch, Laura Kurz, Lexi Bridges, Lisa Truesdell, Paige Evans, Shannon Tidwell and Tina Aszmus - to help bring her challenges to life and give you even more ways to play with your supplies. Nicole and her contributors have a wide range of styles - from simple to detailed - and all have a way of looking outside the box when using their supplies.
Visit the Bright Ideas class page to learn a little more about the class and to sign up! Class is only $12! Registration ends on January 31 at midnight Eastern and class starts February 1. Besides a PDF each weekday in February, students will also receive some awesome printables and die cut files... here's a look...

I'm looking forward to the challenges! It's going to be such a fun class... hope to see you there!

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