Monday, June 17, 2013

scrapbook layout: happy place

I had my post all ready to go this morning to share this layout I made about Mason's favorite place with the Studio Calico Atlantic collection. I'm so enjoying scrapping with these beautiful soft colors and I LOVE the vellum die cuts. But before I published it, I realized the layout was missing some finishing touches. I always plan to add stitching or at least some staples, but I hadn't done either on this one.


I almost didn't bother, not that I mind doing a little stitching, but I do mind having to take the photos all over again. In the end I decided it would be worth it to see the difference. So here's the layout with stitching and stapling added. I know my stitching is sometimes messy. In the words of my 9th grade home ec teacher, I "can't sew a straight seam to save my life". I use the Brother 2600i and it makes sewing easy. Plus I don't mind a bit of a messy look on my layouts. :)


What do you think? Was it worth it to add the stitching and stapling or do you prefer the more clean look from before?

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  1. I love your use of embellishments! GREAT layout!

  2. YES! I love the stitching! I gotta get me a sewing machine!

  3. What a great post - love the way you can see the difference the stitching and staple make. I might need to klearn to sew yet.

  4. ack, i'm going to have to learn to sew as well, love the extra oomph it gives! great page!

  5. Oh! I love the color scheme, it's a really nice collection, you have known place with a lot of delicacy, I love the picture of that boy, he's gorgeous! congrats again for another great job! kisses!

  6. most definitely worth it, i loove all the stitching you do on your layouts! (i so need that sewing machine!)