Monday, January 27, 2014

confetti cards

Did you notice the new dies that are for sale now on the kit page at Studio Calico? Lots of fun stuff! I was fortunate to get to try out the confetti and geotag dies. I love the idea of making confetti out of whatever I choose with the confetti die! Here's what I made and some tips on how these cards came together. 

For this first card I used blue and green cardstock to make my confetti. I sewed on a vellum pocket on three sides, filled it up with the confetti, and finished with sewing the fourth side.

I stamped the little world from the Ring Pop add-on stamp. That stamp is so much fun - you can stamp the water, land and outline separately in different colors - yes, you can make an orange and pink world if that's what you want!

I made another card with a confetti-filled heart using a heart card from the love you cut files and patterned paper from the Sugar Rush card kit.

For my confetti, this time I used Mister Huey to color white card stock. I sprayed three different colors - real red, sky and sunshine onto my paper.

I sewed a piece of vellum sized just a little smaller than my heart card to my patterned paper on three sides. Then I filled it with my misted confetti. Isn't it pretty?!

Then I just cut the patterned paper down to fit on my card base and attached the heart card with foam adhesive. I added a few more confetti circles and a heart on the front to finish it off.

And since I had some leftover confetti on my table, plus a few other cute things from the Sugar Rush card kit and Taffy add-on to go with it, I put together this card in less than 10 minutes.

I love that each little piece of confetti is unique!

And finally, I made one more card. This one uses the little geotag die with a heart cut out of the center and some of my favorite patterned papers from the card kits. I sewed strips of paper onto my kraft card base, and then finished it with the "you are missed" stamp and the geotag.

Be sure to check out the arrows die. I'm looking forward to making something with it too. I can never have too many arrows. :)


  1. So fun!! love the idea of a confetti card!

  2. I love the idea of misting paper & then die cutting it! Brilliant! I really love everything you made. :)

  3. Absolutly phantastic! Love the new kits!