Monday, June 15, 2015

project life style vacation album

Scrapbooking has been a big part of my life the past few years, but ever since I finished my December Daily album this past January, I haven't really wanted to make anything but cards. I was just a little burnt out after doing project life for five straight years.

We got back from vacation a couple weeks ago, and I decided to try to get a scrapbook made right away, while the memories were still fresh. I'm happy to be back to scrapbooking again, and even happier that I really enjoyed myself! I've definitely caught the scrapbooking bug again. :)

I went with the project life/pocket scrapbooking style in a Studio Calico 6x8 handbook album. Here's the cover page, just a simple page with the title for the album and the year.

On the back of the cover page, I journaled about day one which was all driving with no photos.

The album is arranged in chronological order, and I made sure to label the beginning of each day with a number.

My boys sent me all their photos when we got home including lots of selfies. It's much more interesting to have a mix of photos taken by all of us instead of just me. 

I did a lot more journaling in this album than I normally do. It helped that I worked on it right after the trip, plus I kept notes every day while we were gone.

I included screenshots of my fitbit stats from the first couple days. I may never get to 25000 steps in a day again!

That's the first half. I'll be back to share the rest in a few days.

I used so many different stamps in this album! Remember the Studio Calico Adventure stamp set? (it's the one with the U.S. map seen here) Probably my all time favorite, and I used it many times on these pages along with all sorts of things from past Studio Calico kits and Ali Edwards story kits and stamps. Oh and lots of wood veneer too. Because I never get tired of it.

I've linked to some of the products that are still available below, but if you see something in my album that you're curious about, leave a comment or email me and I'll be glad to identify it for you.


  1. Oh, wow, great album! I'm sure it's something you'll treasure. I love my WITL and Day In The Life albums. Love the process too. You have a beautiful family. Michelle t

  2. This is fab!! Can't wait to see the second half!

  3. Looks great--I've missed your PL and scrapbooking posts! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Super cute mini :) Looks like it was a fantastic trip too :)

  5. Love those selfies! and looks as if you all had a wonderful time!


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