Tuesday, August 25, 2015

project life catch up

It's been a while since I've worked on my project life album. I decided to take a break for 2015, but I still have a few unfinished months for 2014. I'm doing a spread for each month so it shouldn't take too long to catch up. Then I'll decide what I'll do with the photos I have for 2015.

I'm using my stash of past project life kits from Studio Calico along with stamps and 4x6 paper pads. Plus I like to use the printable labels for journaling spots. I have lots leftover from last year.

Here's my spread for July 2014. I chose cards that complemented the colors in the photos. I decided to focus on the pink from my shirt, fitbit and sunrise, plus the green from the grass with a little added yellow and blue.

After documenting with project life for the past five years, along with traditional scrapbook layouts, I've figured out that it's my project life spreads that have the most meaning. I hardly ever look back at my layouts, but I feel my project life spreads tell the story of our lives in the most meaningful way. Which makes me excited about finishing up 2014 and continuing for 2015!

I just want to keep it simple and use what I have. I'm not planning on buying anything new until I've used up lots of my old products because I still have lots that I love and am excited about using. :)


  1. Beautiful spreads. Love how you matched the colors up with your photos. It's so nice to see you. Michelle t

  2. WOW! Amazing.You are always an inspiration.
    learned alot about the blogs from you.
    And started my own Here's my site
    Thanks for all

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