about me

welcome to my blog!

It's my place on the web for sharing my papercrafting. If you want to know how I got here, this is the short version--

I was a scrapbooker many years ago, but I quit during a traumatic time in my life (see below). In 2009 I decided to come back to the hobby I had once loved. I got a little distracted by photography and spent lots of time learning my camera. In 2010 I started Project Life for the first time. And now I am still enamored with documenting the beautiful world all around me, along with anything related to paper crafting. I take a lot of pictures with my dslr and my iphone and I have way too much fun with paper and glue. If you want a few more details click here.

random things you might want to know about me:

I've lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana my entire life.

I have two boys.  Alec is 19 and Mason is 17.  They are awesome. And they don't even complain too much that I'm constantly taking pictures of them... I think they're used to it.

In 1998, 10 days short of my 32nd birthday, my life changed forever when I became a widow.  My first husband, Ben, drowned while we were on a family vacation at the beach.  My boys had just turned three and one.

I married the most wonderful man five years later in 2003.  His name is Gary.  He became a great dad to my boys when they were six and eight.  They don't allow anyone to call him a "stepdad".  We are truly blessed that God sent us the perfect man to be a husband to me and a dad to them.  I had just assumed that I wouldn't remarry, but obviously God had other plans for us. My first mother-in-law likes to say that she thinks Ben picked him out for us from heaven.

We have a funny Jack Russell Terrier named Maisy.

Diet Coke makes me really happy.

I have saved the princess a few times in Super Mario (it was a long time ago).

I enjoy reading real-life stories like Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer.

My favorite kind of photography is candids of my family, but I get really excited when I get the chance to photograph butterflies too. :)

I am always happy to answer questions about photography, scrapbooking, card making or project life. If your blogger account lists your email as no-reply@blogger I will reply to your question on my blog.

 Or you can contact me here:

That way I can reply to you! It's your choice.